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moffet truckThe Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck is also referred to as the manufacturers' name of Moffett or Moffett Mounty. Truck-mounted forklifts / Moffets are usually mounted on the rear the vehicle or its platform, they can then be disconnected and used to offload their vehicle, often being able to operate on rough ground, they can also be used in places where accessibility is a challenge, like construction sites. The range of truck-mounted forklifts offers lifting capacities up to 3.5 tonnes. This training not only involves how to operate the Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck safely and efficiently but also trains the trainee how to safely disconnect from the truck and re-attach for road transport.

Novice Vehicle Mounted Forklift Forklift Operators Course

This course is suitable for operators with limited or no previous experience. 

Course content includes: knowledge of the safe loading of equipment and its manoeuvring limitations. Extensive practical training with instructor assessment, ensuring operators are fully aware of Health & Safety legislation. 

Successful completion of the course is subject to verbal and practical tests. 

The law states courses for a novice operators would typically last 1-3 days.

Please call to discuss individual requirements.

Experienced Vehicle Mounted Forklift Operators Course

This course is for the forklift operator who has around 12 months operating experience but lacks any kind of formal training or licenses. 

Successful completion of the course is subject to a theory and practical test. 

Please call to discuss individual requirements. 

Refresher Vehicle Mounted Forklift Forklift Operators Course

The purpose of a Refresher course is to correct any bad habits and check that Health & Safety legislation is being adhered to (including keeping equipment in good order). 

Successful completion of the course is subject to a theory and practical test. 

Conversion Vehicle Mounted Forklift Forklift course

Conversion Training for those operators who already hold a certificate on one type of forklift truck, but would like to gain a certificate for an additional type of forklift. 

Successful completion of the course is subject to a theory and practical test.

All forklift training carried out to ITSSAR approved International standards, as recommended by H.S.E. ACOP Approved code of Practice. (L117).

All forklift training courses are carried out on your site: 

We will require:

A Suitable area/room for the Theory Session

A Suitable Area for Practical Sessions

An Appropriate Machine

Suitable Load for Practical Training

On completing the course you will be able to.

Truck introduction

  • · Controls & instruments
  • · Starting, moving & stopping
  • · Steering
  • · 4-way travel and steering mode (if an option)
  • · Operation of the controls
  • · Pre-use inspection and takeover maintenance
  • · Load Weight assessment
  • · Handling
  • Applicable loads
  • Bulk packs
  • Containers
  • Pallet loads
  • · Driving on & off ramps and inclines
  • · Operating over rough terrain
  • · Loading and unloading
  • · Stacking and de-stacking
  • · Attaching and detaching forklift truck to the carrying vehicle


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