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11 / 3 / 98







Dear Steve
               Just a quick letter with a photo enclosed of me with my truck a couple of weeks ago when we were testing the new car at Barcelona in Spain.


I hope you will regard this as a success for Ribble Valley HGV training, as I am sure you recall I did say it was purely a tool for me to get a full time job in motor sport but it has paid bigger dividends than I could have ever imagined.


I had only passed my test two weeks when David Price Racing in Surrey offered me a job on the GT World  Endurance Championship which I did until the end of October last year, then after a month of sending CV's I was offered a number of other positions in various different Formula's of Motor Racing.


Fortunately last year Jackie Stewart formed the Grand Prix Formula One team and of course for me being Scottish this was where I had set my heart on working, and luckily formed this year they decided to start a Test Team so I applied for the postion of Truckie.
Fortunately one of the Truckies in the Race Team decided to jump ship to Jordan F1, so with a combination of my Electrical Experience and an HGV they decided to put me straight on the Race Team, which means I will be at every race on the Formula 1 calendar this year.


Of course none of this would have been possible if I did not have previous motor racing experience, but with your training I drive what only 90 or 100 truckies in the world drive, a Formula One Race Trcuk.


Many thanks to Keith, John, Manny and yourself for the help and training.


Hello stephen


Please can you pass on thanks to the  Shunter trainer Manny

The guys absolutely loved him and he was a perfect gentleman

I think we are looking at now booking more on to the course

Kind regards


Angela Shorrock

Site Manager

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Hello stephen just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you so much for everything during the process of my training. Could you please say thank you again to John as he was brilliant throughout my week of training in the truck . Am extremely happy I’ve passed it all now and look forward to getting started in work.




Just spotted you buddy on the road out of Blackpool been meaning to give you a message just to say thanks to you and John for everything 1st class