All of the relevant paperwork and liaison with the test centre will be handled by our experienced administrative staff, leaving you free to concentrate on the practical aspects of the course. The test will take place in an approved DSA test centre, with qualified DSA examiners. You will be asked to do a reversing before you go out on the road. Out on the road the examiner will give you directions which you should follow. The drive on the road lasts for about 60 minutes and the overall test takes about 90 minutes. At the start of the driving test the examiner will ask you up to five vehicle safety questions. These take the form of show me tell me. You need to get three out of five correct to pass this section and the driving test.  You can get the questions/answers from



then follow the link to vehicle safety questions under


section DT1 Internal guidance document.


For general saftey advice on how to enter and leave thecab of a LGV Click here




DSA test marking sheet and guidance notes click



Daily Maintenance and vehicle check sheet click here  










































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